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Gaetana ed Emiliano

Hi all,
me and my partner want to tell you our story and our experience with Vitanova.

My name is Gaetana and my partner is Emiliano. We live in Italy and our love story was started 8 years ago.
Our dream of family was to have a child but it was impossible for us because my partner is sterile.

But we didn’t give up and we started to think at the heterologous insemination.
In our country Italy, it is difficult to do this. There is a lot of bureaucracy and we finished our patient early.

So we started to look outside our country. We looked at different solutions, spain, greek, poland at….Denmark.
In Denmark there are a lot of fertility centres but Vitanova was the most complete for us. Complete and explicit for any information that we want to know.
We did a skype video call with Giulia and she had solved any dubt giving us any kind of informations.
There was a screening time in which I made blod exam and other medical checks in order to verify compatibility for the insemination and Vitanova staff was always in contact with me for any answer.
In april 2015 we went in Cophenagen for our first attemp of insemination. We reserved 5 days in apartment and the first day we did an ultrasound scan in order to see the follicle size. Two days later we did the insemination and Vitanova staff was so professional and nice with us in all. Vitanova is really professional fertility center and there we found friends, professionist and nice people.

So we come back in Italy thinking…maybe now we are a family or maybe not.
One month later our dreams come true and we thought…we are really lucky because I was in pregnat at the first attempt.
Usually you have to spend 5 or 6 attempts but for us one was enough.

During the pregnat time Vitanova was in touch with us and the 17 january 2016 Ginevra was born.

Today we are a family and Vitanova is part of our family.
We will came back early to Cophenagen in Vitanova with Ginevra and we are thinking at the brother or sister of Ginevra that Vitanova will give us in near future.

Thank’s Vitanova, thank’s to you all!!
Gaetana and Emiliano

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