My partner and I contacted Vitanova in 2012 when we both knew we wanted to have a child. In Sweden, it is already difficult to get help with insemination and in our case we had no legal right for help so applying to the neighboring country felt like the only alternative. Already on Vitanova's website we got a positive feeling and after the conversation at the clinic we went down to Copenhagen in December for insemination. 

And we were lucky - we got a clear positive result on the first try! September 2013, our Malte was born, healthy as a nut! In 2015, it was time again, we longed for a sibling for Malte but that time it was a little more difficult. We tried once and twice but none of them worked. We were prepared to give up if the third attempt did not work but then it gave results and now we have two wonderful sons. We all have Vitanova and its staff to thank, everything from friendly service and professional help could not have been better! 

Malin and Tord

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