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Egg donation coordinators

Sanne Drabæk

Nina Maltha

Egg donation

Egg donation and double donation

Egg donation is offered to couples if a woman’s eggs are not of a sufficiently high quality to be able to develop and grow in the womb, or if the woman has a genetic disease that should not be passed on to a child. In the case of egg donation, we use eggs donated by young women, and fertilise these with the partner’s sperm. After a few days, the fertilised egg is inserted into the woman’s womb in the hope that it will stay in place there and develop in a completely normal way. You have the choice of either an open-identity egg donor or a non-contact/anonymous egg donor.

‘Double donation’ means that both the egg and sperm are donated. This method can be offered to couples whose own eggs or sperm cannot be used in the treatment on medical grounds. Unlike egg donation, with double donation at least one of the donors must be ‘open-identity’.

Lesbian couples can donate to each other if there are medical grounds on which either of the women should receive an egg donation. A lesbian couple cannot therefore donate eggs to each other for more ’emotional’ reasons.

Couples choosing either egg donation or double donation may use a donor known to them, such as a friend, sister or another family member. If egg donation is the option chosen, the donor should not be too closely related to the male partner, as this will increase the risk of hereditary diseases being passed on through the father.

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