We understand that the cost of treatment is an important factor when choosing an IVF clinic. Below is a detailed list of our services and our prices. If you'd like to know more, or to get a personalised price, get in touch with our team.

Initial conversation and planning EURO
IUI, initial conversation FREE
IVF initial consultation including planning, scan and blood tests for HIV and Hepatitis €110
Initial consultation if you have your own sperm- or egg donor, including mandatory blood tests and evaluation of the donor €620
Consultation about fertility, incl. ultrasound scan and blood tests €620
Individual consultation, 20 minutes, when you are in the treatment process €40
Weekend and public holiday surcharge €70
Translation during consultation or treatment €140
IVF-Treatment, mild stimulation and natural cycles EURO
First treatment €3,200
Following treatments €3,000
Treatment cancelled prior to egg collection, the rest of the price for treatment is credited €690

The price for one IVF treatment includes all scans, egg collection and transfer of a fertilized egg. If the treatment is cancelled because there are no follicles the price is DKK 5,000. The remaining amount is refundable or can be deducted from your next treatment. Medication is not included. You must pay for donor sperm, ICSI etc. The second and following treatment is to a reduced price.

IVF with egg- and double donation EURO
Consultation for recipient €140
Consultation prior to treatment, also when the partner is donor, including evaluation of the egg donor and blood tests €620
IVF with egg donation, donor  from Vitanova €7,620
IVF with egg donation, known donor €5,540
Fee for waiting list €210

The price for egg- and double donation includes mandatory blood tests, ICSI, blastocyst culturing, freezing and storage of fertilised eggs for one year; for the yearly cost thereafter, please refer to the pricelist. Donor from Vitanova: medication is included in the price. Own donor: the recipient must cover all expenses for the donor: consultation, medication, travel etc. Payment must be made for donor sperm if double donation is chosen; please refer to the pricelist

Additional prices to IVF EURO
Sperm from non-contact donor, per unit €350
Sperm from open donor (I.D.) per unit €550
Cryopreservation of embryos €550
Storage of fertilized eggs per year €210
Administration fee for shipping to or receiving embryos or sperm from other clinics €550
Blastocyst culture FREE
FET, replacement of thawed embryos €750
ICSI, per treatment €550
TESA €690
Endometrial priming €350
Embryoglue, per treatment €480
Freezing of sperm, donor's or partner's, including storage for 1 year, mandatory blood test included €550
Handling and storage of cryopreserved sperm per year €210
Insemination (IUI) EURO
Initial consultation prior to treatment FREE
Insemination (sperm not included) €520
Insemination with sperm from your partner or from ICI depot €690
Sperm from anonymous donor per unit €350
Sperm from open donor per unit €550
Ultrasound scan €140
Weekend and public holiday surcharge for insemination and consultations €70
Blood tests, ultrasound scan and other EURO
Blood tests, HIV and Hepatitis, mandatory, can be taken at Vitanova €140
AMH, anti-müllerian-hormone €70
Hormonal analysis, AMH, TSH, TPO €140
Hormonal analysis, per test €30
Chlamydia €30
Smear €30
HSU, water scan of the fallopian tubes, incl. fertility counselling €690
Sperm analysis €210
Ultrasound scan €140
Acupuncture in addition to treatment €90
Weekend and public holiday surcharge for blood tests €110
Apostille (Norway) €210
Forsäkringskassan (Sweden) €210
Buying and storage of sperm EURO
Sperm from non-contact donor per unit €350
Sperm from open donor (I.D.) per unit €550
Storage of cryopreserved sperm per year €210
Administration fee for shipping to or receiving sperm cells from other clinics €550
Freight of donor sperm when specially ordered €120

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