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WE are aware that most of you, who needs egg donation, has already been through several fertility treatments prior. In this process, you have probably experienced that you have had to compromise on your dreams and wishes along the way. This may also happen when it comes to egg donation, because unfortunately it is still a fact, that there is a higher demand for donor eggs, than we have donors. That means that we may not always be able to fulfill all your wishes regarding the donor’s height, hair color or eye color.


A woman donating eggs must be above 20 and not more than 35 years of age. It is required that she is physically and mentally fit and that there are no hereditary diseases in her family. Before she can donate, she will be tested for HIV, Hepatitis (B and C) and Syphilis. These tests must not be more that 30 days old at the time of donation.

Besides the tests required by law, she will also fill in a detailed questionnaire and have an interview with a nurse from the egg donation team. Based on the questionnaire and the interview, the nurse will write a donor evaluation. The final approval of the donor and the donor evaluation will happen after she had a conversation and consultation with the doctor and the blood test shows negative. After the final approval, the donor evaluation will be given to you and it is now up to you to decide if you wish to receive eggs from the donor.

An egg donor can donate eggs a maximum of 6 times.

Egg donation is done on a strictly voluntary basis and the donor can withdraw her consent to donate any time prior to egg collection. This does not happen often, but if it happens, you will be back on the waiting list, but we will prioritize finding a new donor for you.


Anonymous donor (non-contact)

Egg donation can be totally anonymous, which means that you and the donor do not know each other and cannot get any identifiable information now or later. The donor will stay anonymous to you and your child born from the donation.

Open donor (contact)

Open donation means, that the donor is anonymous at the time of the donation, but she consents to a child born from the donation, can contact Vitanova, when the child turns 18 years of age and receive more information about her and get to know her identity. You as the recipient couple cannot get any further information about the donor and the donor cannot get any information about you or your child.

Known donation

Known donation is when your donor is a friend or a family member. When doing known donation, you will jump the waiting list, because you have a donor yourselves. For any of above donations the same tests are done, a donor evaluation is conducted and a doctor’s consultation is required for final evaluation.

Partner donation

We use the term ‘partner donation’ when a lesbian donates eggs to her partner, or when a man donates sperm to his female partner for insemination or IVF treatment.

The same legislation and donor requirements apply to blood samples, donor evaluation and medical examinations for all types of donation except partner donation. If you are thinking about egg donation or double donation, do not hesitate to contact us for more information, without obligation.

IVF with egg donation and IVF with double donation
IVF with non-contact/anonymous egg donation, donor from Vitanova, incl. medication
IVF with open-identity egg donation, donor from Vitanova, incl. medication
IVF egg donation with known donor, incl. medication
IVF with double donation, as above. Please refer to the current pricelist for donor sperm prices.
The price of egg and double donation includes statutory blood samples, ICSI, blastocyst culturing, freezing and storage of fertilised eggs for one year; for the yearly cost thereafter, please refer to the pricelist. Donor medication is included in the price. Payment must be made for donor sperm if double donation is chosen; please refer to the pricelist.

If you choose egg donation using one of Vitanova’s donors and no fertilised egg is available for transfer, we will offer you a new donation. If there is a fertilised egg available for transfer, but not for freezing, we will offer you a new egg donation at a reduced price. We cannot guarantee that using an egg from your partner or a known donor will be successful. We cannot guarantee that using a sperm donor known to you will be successful.



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