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Hormone Stimulation


Hormone stimulation aims to liberate 8 – 12 ova. This is the optimal number to achieve pregnancy. The hormone stimulation can be done either as a brief or a long treatment. The brief treatment gives you the mildest form for stimulation and copies your own hormonal systeme. The long treatment gives you the opportunity of planning which day you want the ovum pick-up, as you can take the hormones a few days longer if needed.

Brief treatment

Under the brief treatment hormone stimulation follows the natural cycle. You could say that we increase the effect of your own hormones and so liberate several ova. This gives fewer adverse effects than are possible during the long treatment, also called deregulation where the woman’s own hormones are completely by-passed. In following the natural cycle the brief treatment is more difficult to arrange as you must come for several scannings during the process. If you live far from the clinic you can be scanned by your own gynecologist providing we are sent a copy of the scanning results, so we can advise you correctly.

The long treatment with deregulation

horm02The treatment starts with a so-called deregulation of your own hormones. This puts you in a menopause like hormonal state. Some women experience symptoms such as hot flushed and emotional reactions. The treatment has the advantage that it can be extended by a few days during deregulation of the ovaries. You yourself can decide when to come in for scanning and when ovum extraction is to take place.

Unless you live close to Vitanova we recommend the long treatment with deregulation. If you choose this method your own gynecologist can carry out the necessary scanning and you only need to be in Copenhagen for 3 to 4 days for ovum pick-up and replacement. Ovum pick-up can be moved a couple of days depending on when you can be in Copenhagen. You can manage the hormone treatment yourself at home and we can be in telephone contact meanwhile.

Over stimulation of the ovaria

If a greater number of ova are liberated, there will be a greater risk of overstimulation in the period after ovulation. The symptoms of overstimulation are putting on more than one kilo of body weight per day, a large taut stomach, problems with breathing and nausea. The reason for these symptoms is an accumulation of liquid in the abdominal cavity. Overstimulation is worst about a week after ovum pick-up and will normally wear off after one to two weeks. Overstimulation is less common today than previously because the hormone dosage is easier to regulate individually. All victims of overstimulation have a tendency to soreness in the abdomen and a bloated stomach. In order to reduce these symptoms it is important to drink 3 – 4 liters of liquid a day after ovum pick-up. It is important to contract us in the case of symptoms of hormone overstimulation.

Medicine expenses

Reckon on spending 1.600 – 1.800 Euros per treatment for medicine and hormones. Medicine used during the ovum pick-up such as e.g. painkillers are included in the price for the treatment.


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