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Insemination in Denmark – The best certified Insemination

Insemination is the simplest form of artificial fertilization, and is normally the first choice when a couple is unable to become pregnant on their own. It is also the first choice for the single or the lesbian woman. If pregnancy does not succeed after 3 – 4 attempts at insemination, we recommend continuing with IVF.

Advice before insemination

ins03Before starting with insemination you must have an informative talk with one of our midwives. If you are a couple we would like to see both of you together. Our advice always starts with you who are to be the parent(s) and gives you the possibility of asking any possible questions concerning insemination and becoming parents. This can take place over the telephone (or Skype) if you wish.

During the talk we will discuss how you can optimize your possibility of becoming pregnant. Diet and lifestyle have a great influence on fertility and therefore it is important that you know what food is good and what you should avoid. Even small details can influence on fertility and consequently the probability for pregnancy. For example it is not advisable to drink coke, coffee or black tea as too much caffeine reduces the chance of pregnancy significantly. This applies both to women and men. On the other hand exercise and fresh air are very important as are being physically fit and being in a good state of mind. You can read more about diet, vitamins and stimulants in our information material which can be downloaded here.

How insemination takes place

ins02At Vitanova we have ensured a quiet, relaxed atmosphere in our rooms. Our couches are so wide that a couple can lie comfortably together after insemination. Even though we are helping with the process of becoming pregnant, we believe the situation should be as comfortable and intimate as possible.

The insemination itself is similar to a gynecological examination. The midwife first inspects the position of the womb with her fingers. She then inserts a very thin catheter into the vagina and up to the mouth of the uterus. The catheter is linked to a syringe containing the prepared sperm. The midwife injects the sperm into the uterus and from there they find their own way to the egg. The insemination can be done with your own partner´s sperm or with sperm from a donor. We buy the sperm in one of the Danish spermbanks: www.Cryosinternational.com or www.Nordiccryobank.com. You can read more about the spermbanks on their web-site.

After insemination

ins01Insemination itself only takes a few minutes and the sperm cells move straight to the Fallopian tubes where they meet the egg. Even if you get up from the couch straight after insemination, the sperm cells are still on the right track. Nevertheless we recommend that you remain lying on the couch for half an hour or so, so as to get hold of your emotions and start looking forward to the prospect of soon becoming a parent.

If you are a couple, then our couches are wide enough for both of you. The expectation of becoming a parent can be intense and this should be a beautiful time for you. You should have the possibility of hugging each other and sharing the feelings that naturally turn up during treatment.

Pregnancy test

A pregnancy test can be carried out 16 days after insemination. You can do an ordinary urine-pregnancy test at home. If it shows positive we must ask you to visit your doctor or come here to the clinic to give a blood sample to show pregnancy. The blood sample is called an HCG-test.
Please remember to give us a call or an e-mail whether you are pregnant or not. Since we are certified by the Danish authorities we are obliged to report the results of our treatment.


Even though you have just been inseminated you can still carry out your usual exercise and work. Don’t be afraid that the sperm cells will fall out – they stay where they should.


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