We had our first child, a girl in the summer of 2014. Elin and I had known since we met in 2009 that we wanted to have children together and we both felt that we did not want to go through that process in our home country because the opportunities are worse. We were looking for a clinic in Denmark that was centrally located and that had the opportunity to help us on our terms. When we found Vitanova and met the staff there for the first time at the introductory talk in 2011, we were very happy. The environment and the premises were relaxing and we got a positive feeling. However, after the third insemination attempt, we were a little disappointed. But we got a happy message on the pregnancy test a few weeks after our fourth attempt!

When our little girl turned one year, we wanted to start trying to get a sibling for her. I had previously found out that I have ovarian cyst problems and was tested for PCO. Since my eggs were growing slowly and the ovulation seemed so difficult to find, we started with hormone tablets early. In addition to this, I was then given hormone syringes as well as a syringe that allowed us to timed ovulation and insemination more precisely. Since we were so eager to see results on the first trial, this time we did all the investigations at Vitanova. In this way, we were able to discuss how to proceed immediately after the ultrasound. For us it also paid off financially because it is more expensive where we live in our home country to do ultrasound and take samples than it did at Vitanova, even though we had to travel a bit.

Even though we were helped by great staff at Vitanova, we probably didn't think we would get pregnant on the first try, as it was a roller coaster with our firstborn, but we were! A few weeks after the insemination, a weak, weak streak appeared on a pregnancy test. After another day, the dash was very strong. We got to see a little heart beat at 9 weeks and now we are in our 18th week of pregnancy and just got to see a nice little baby on our ultrasound visit here at home. We are so grateful to Vitanova for being able to get help there to create our very own family!

Malin and Elin, Sweden

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